The Seeds of Revolution

Session 2

Arc 1: A Den of Iniquity

Ton Caldovar briefed the party on the Imperial base where Deerk Mirke was being held. Because the Kings focused their attention on the Kingslayers rather than taking on the big-league Imperials, they didn’t have much information about the base’s layout, but he was able to tell them the layout of the public area and the approximate complement of troops kept there. During the subsequent discussion of tactics, Tarquin and Vessek convinced Ton to have Unit Aurek attack a power station in Arevv City to draw troops away from the base.

With that settled, Vessek suggested a combination of noisy and stealthy tactics. Tarquin, Sala, and Iyanjay would sneak into the base (disguised as mechanics at Sala’s suggestion) after which he would create a diversion to draw the remaining troops away from them. To aid them in this, the Kings’ Duros quartermaster and tinkerer Arwel Chen upgraded some of their weapons, supplied them with quiet nonlethal options, and gave Vessek a bunch of Energy Balls, including a modified one to which he’d added a timer mechanism.

As the party entered Arevv City, they heard a distant detonation that indicated that Unit Aurek had given them their diversion. As they approached the base, ten troops exited, heading for the disturbance. Vessek split off, hotwiring a speeder and waiting nearby for the insertion team’s signal.

Tarquin, Sala, and Iyanjay entered the base, posing as mechanics who had been called in to take care of a classified mechanical problem. The secretary couldn’t find a record of them being scheduled, but due to some quick thinking by Tarquin sent them to talk to the base captain.

On their way to see the captain, the group overheard a comm conversation between the Dark Jedi who had attacked them and Darth Vader. Vader was pleased that she had killed Master Tan Juko but enraged that Iyanjay and the others had escaped. The Dark Jedi swore to hunt them down and destroy them.

The party hid from the Dark Jedi by entering the captain’s office. They explained again about being hired to fix something classified and the captain, completely taken in, sighed and told them that they frequently had problems with the hydraulics on one of the cell doors and that that was probably the issue. He gave them clearance to enter the classified area of the base.

Once they were inside, they signaled to Vessek to start his attack. Vessek obligingly blew a hole in the fence, attracting the few troops who remained in the base. Nobody took a second look at the small group of mechanics, but one of the troops headed off toward the cell area instead of the battle. While Vessek slaughtered the base’s troops — though losing their escape landspeeder in the process — the other three made their way to the cell area, where Iyanjay used the Force to convince one guard to go join the battle outside. She slammed the other one into the floor with the Force, and Tarquin held a blaster to his head and ordered him to open the cell with Mirke inside. After retrieving Mirke, they locked the grunt in the cell himself.

On their way out they met up with Vessek, who after wiping out the army troops had blown the hell out of one of the turbolaser turrets guarding the perimeter (accidentally killing its gunner in the process). As the alarm shifted to a new signal, the quartet plus Mirke made their escape.

Upon their return, Caldovar informed the party that he’d had some recon done on the ship they’d arrived on. It was guarded by five Kingslayer troops, and there were probably more within, but the ramp was down, so they could probably fight their way in if they wanted to. In return, Vessek told him that the Imperial base was half destroyed and all but unguarded, making this an ideal time to strike. Caldovar called Kyra Kesyk and told her to bring Unit Besh to attack.

All of them had left something of value on the ship, so they made their way over, quickly wiping out the Kingslayer guards. On the ship, Tarquin retrieved his Senatorial robes, Sala a model of her ship, and Vessek some spice. Iyanjay found a coded note from her master telling her to access a DNA-encoded message on the bridge. While Vessek stood guard outside, the other three took on a trio of Kingslayer Elites who were investigating the bridge, leaving one alive but unconscious. In the bridge computer, Iyanjay discovered a holorecording of Master Juko telling her where to find her lightsaber. Sala attempted to find a flight plan in the main computers, but the system was organized in such a byzantine fashion that it was impossible. The group briefly considered stealing the ship and blasting their way off the planet, but the ship’s controls had been physically removed from the console.

Before departing, the group engaged in some light looting of the first class cabins. There they found a paranoid man with a slugthrower. Tarquin talked him down from shooting everyone and they discovered that his name was Jax and he had hidden when stormtroopers had combed over the ship the previous day, killing any still on board. They brought him and the unconscious Kingslayer back to the Kings HQ, where they handed them both over to the Kings’ intelligence head Harlin Braden.

The party headed to the mess for a late dinner of badly synthesized food. Chen burst in, excitedly asking how his modified explosive had worked. Vessek assured him that he’d used it to take down a turbolaser turret in suitably dramatic fashion and asked if Chen had any more timed energy balls. Chen promised to make him more and hurried off to his lab, completely forgetting to eat.

As the party continued to eat and converse, Kyra Kesyk returned with the remainder of Unit Besh, all looking like they’d been through hell. Kyra told them that they’d been pushing back the remaining base guards and had been ready to overcome them when the Dark Jedi returned to the base, wiping out half of the unit almost in an instant. She continued into the base, looking for something, while Unit Besh fell back, taking even more casualties as the Imperials shot at the retreating troops. The party expressed their sympathy and Kyra declared her intention to someday kill the Dark Jedi, though she allowed that Iyanjay did have the prior claim.

Shortly before the party turned in for the night, they were joined by Mirke, who, as thanks for rescuing her husband, revealed that she was not an operative of Garm bel Iblis as they’d been told, but part of a rebel cell funded by someone very high up in the Galactic Senate. She promised to contact her patron and put in a word for the group and departed. Tarquin theorized that her patron was Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, but Kyra denied the possibility, claiming that he was the most loyalist member of the entire Senate.

After some discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of spice, the party turned in for the night.



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