The Dark Side

The campaign’s approach to the Dark Side is going to be slightly different from rules-as-written. I’m basing my approach around Yoda’s line “Once you start down the dark path, forever shall it dominate your destiny.”

With that in mind, I’m removing the ability to get rid of a Dark Side point through spending a Force Point. The Dark Side is tempting and difficult to resist. So the only way to get rid of Dark Side points will be to atone with a supreme act of heroism and self-sacrifice, which will wipe out all accumulated Dark Side points.

As I said, I’m not initially going to issue Dark Side points for minor infractions. Only a truly evil or immoral act will earn you one (or the use of Dark Side Force powers). So this should balance out the difficulty of getting rid of them. One thing to note, though: as Dark Side points start accumulating (say, if they pass half of your wisdom score), I’ll start dinging you for more borderline infractions, to represent the Dark Side’s increasing hold on your character.

“Dark Side” no longer looks like a proper phrase to me anymore.

The Dark Side

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