The Seeds of Revolution

Session 1

Arc 1: A Den of Iniquity

Each member of the party was smuggled onto Plooma by the rogue Jedi Master Tan Juko, who was trying to get them into contact with the local resistance movement. Unfortunately, his contact, Mirke, had been compromised and the party encountered an ambush in the Bantha’s Head Cantina. The four strangers quickly took charge of the situation and wiped the floor with their attackers. They introduced themselves as Iyanjay, Sala’al Din, Tarquin Victus, and Vessek.

They made their way to the on-planet contact’s shop as Juko had instructed them, only to find that there too was an ambush — this time Imperial stormtroopers! While the party deliberated fighting their way into the shop, Yanjay felt a disturbance in the Force and realized her master was in danger.

The party rushed back to the spaceport, finding a squad of stormtroopers watching a duel between Master Juko and a mysterious Dark Jedi. Their attack caught the stormtroopers by surprise, and the arrival of Ton Caldovar allowed them to hold off the counterattack long enough to escape, though they took heavy damage and Sala fell unconscious. As they effected their escape, Yanjay fell to her knees and cried “NOOOOOOOOOO!” as the death of her Master rippled through the Force.

When they reached the Kings’ base, they were all given medical treatment and allowed to rest for the night. The following morning, Caldovar met the party and told them what the situation was on Plooma. He initially told them they needed to leave the base immediately, but he eventually offered to let them stay a while if they would rescue Mirke’s husband, who had been captured and was being held in the Imperial base on Arevv city awaiting transfer to Eriadu. They accepted on the condition they were given intelligence and resources before making the attack. Caldovar agreed to their terms and so a partnership was forged.



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