Located in the Veragi Sector on the northern edge of the Outer Rim, Plooma can be best described as “a Nar Shaddaa that didn’t make it.” Sitting just off the route between Sernpidal and Dubrillion and near the formation known as the Pits of Plooma, it was initially thought to be an ideal stopover planet for tourists visiting the Pits. When organized crime syndicates trying to avoid Hutt interference started using it as a base of operations c.224 BBY, tourism dried up as travelers began being caught in the crossfire of gang wars. As travel to the area tapered off, most of the syndicates departed, leaving only those too unsuccessful to afford to relocate. After the Emperor’s reconquest of the Outer Rim following the Declaration of a New Order it was largely left to its own devices, its poverty-stricken citizens being ruled by rival gang lords. Increasing Rebel activity on the planet, however, suggests that more careful Imperial scrutiny is not far behind.


Due to a strange quirk of the planet’s size and mass, it is mostly covered in steep mountains that extend above the atmosphere. The only habitable areas are valleys scattered across the planet’s surface. In its heyday, public shuttle routes connected these valleys, but now travelers must rely on privately owned vessels, which often charge an arm and a leg.


Population: 300 million
Major Settlements: Arrev City (capital), Damoc, Japolla
Government: Officially ruled by the Empire as of 17 BBY.


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