“Where business meets pleasure!” Grandine was a planet in the Colonies best known for its swoop manufacturing industry. It was once one of the most heavily polluted planets in the sector, but in a joint effort, the corporations headquartered on the planet developed pollution countermeasures which are now the standard throughout the galaxy.

As a result, tourists flocked to Grandine to watch the swoop races. Its best-known track was the Grandine Swoop Loop, but there were many others scattered across the planet, bringing in lots of tourism money. Because of this, there was initially much support for Emperor Palpatine on Grandine — despite the objections of Senator Tarquin Victus to the New Order — after he banned podracing, causing swoop race-related tourism to skyrocket.

The Grandians’ opinions began to change when the Empire started infringing on their planetary sovereignty. In 17 BBY, a behind-the-scenes coup engineered by Imperial Intelligence head Armand Isard installed a puppet government, which, after Senator Victus was stripped of his title by the Emperor, “elected” someone more amenable to the Emperor’s cause. Over the next year, several swoop bike manufacturers were nationalized and converted into factories for the Empire’s new speeder bikes.

All of this came at a price. The Grandians’ freedom of movement was greatly curtailed and tourism to the planet all but stopped. The government of the planet was forced to raise taxes to astonishing levels to pay for the production of the speeder bikes. By 15 BBY, anti-Imperial sentiment is so high that only a secret police force keeps the populace in check.


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